About iBw


‘It’s Been a While’ was established by Berdene Weil in 2004.  The company was born out of a passion for beautiful things and creating beautiful spaces.

“I love seeing the potential of things or spaces, and then transforming them into something beautiful; turning ‘ugly ducklings’ into ‘swans’.” says Berdene.  She did just that when she bought a ‘renovators dream’ eight years ago.  The neglected old farmhouse-style house has been turned into a beautiful home.  Decorated in an eclectic style, the architecture still has the authentic feel of yesteryear.

“I love preserving old things, or giving them a new twist.  Mixing old and new works very well, creating a warm yet fresh space.”

The company believes in service excellence.  To that end, personal supervision and attention to detail are maintained throughout on each project.

So if it’s been a while, have Berdene take a fresh look and create a beautiful home for you!